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The 80's Rocker Photo Prop is a totally cool prop for your next 80's theme party. Printed with a hair band rocker on one side, and a pop princes on the other, simple sit the prop on a table and stand behind it. Peer through the hole, and snap your photo! 80's Rocker Photo Prop

80's Rocker Photo Prop

80's Rocker Photo PropWhether you are a hair band fan or a prima donna pop princess follower, your 80's party selfie will be totally cool when you stand behind this totally rad photo prop. We do not recommend that hair band followers use this on the hood of a bright red convertible, but it will definitely stand upright on any flat table top surface.

The photo prop measures 37 inches wide and 25 inches tall, so it is not designed to be placed on a floor, unless you plan to replicate the moves of a precocious pop princess.

If you are an 80's high school graduate, this party decoration is a must-have at the next class reunion! Go ahead and pop your favorite 80's cassette into the boom box, stand this great photo prop onto the table, and get snapping. Dust off your leather pants, and pull those finger-less gloves from the drawer, a new profile photo awaits!

Made of a heavy card stock, and colorfully printed on both sides with opposing male and female versions, it will elevate your 80's party to totally tubular status.

Our Price: $7.60
You save $1.90!
80's Whirls (5/pkg) 80's Whirls (5/pkg)

80's Whirls (5/pkg)

80's whirls

Throwing an Awesome 80's theme party? Do you remember Space Invaders? Add a little arcade style to your 80's theme party with these Totally 80's Whirls. The 80's Whirls are a great decoration for any 80's theme party. Simply hang from your ceiling and watch the transformation begin into a retro arcade. Each package includes five whirls of assorted colors and assorted space invader designs. We also have a set of Space Invader plates and napkins to make your arcade theme 80's party totally awesome, dude!

Our Price: $4.55
You save $1.14!

Boom Box Centerpiece Boom Box Centerpiece

Boom Box Centerpiece Boom Box Centerpiece

Bring back the 80's with your giant boom box and some 80's hits playing in the background. Invite over some friends, pick up some 80's decorations, dig out your parachute pants and crimp your hair.

Complete your 80's themed party by picking up some of the Boom Box Centerpieces for the middles of the tables, along with 80's plates, cups, and napkins.

The Boom Box Centerpiece comes flat and are easily set up,and folded to be free standing. The Boom Box Centerpiece comes with one (1) per package, and is made of cardstock material with red,black and silver musical notes hanging from the top.

Our Price: $3.99
You save $1.00!

Awesome 80's Cutouts Awesome 80's Cutouts (4/pkg)

Awesome 80's Cutouts (4/pkg)

Theme parties are so much fun so just think of the fun that everyone will have at a 80's theme party. Decorate for a 80's theme party by hanging these Awesome 80's Cutouts. The 80's are all about big hair and sayings like "that's totally rad dude." The Awesome 80's Cutouts are like totally awesome with all there bright colors. The Awesome 80's Cutouts come with four different cutouts to hang as party decorations. Each 80's cutout is printed on two sides to be seen from different directions. Send out the 80s inspired party invitations to invite friends to your totally awesome 80s party. Add these 80s party decorations to a 80s party backdrop to totally transform your room into a 80s inspired room.

Our Price: $4.23
You save $1.06!

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80's Arcade Party Decorations

The 80's are back in style and it's time to party all night long!

Your friends will be begging you to tell them where you've found such radical decorations! Browse our website for some totally rad 80s arcade party ideas! We have everything you need to throw a Totally 80's theme party or celebration. Everyone can appreciate the times of big hair, wild colors, and arcade games so make a mix of all to throw a bomb 80's theme party!

Grab the Arcade Suspenders to perfectly complement the rest of your 80s outfit. These black suspenders have colorful, old-school video game characters on them. The suspenders are a one size fits most and the fabric straps are adjustable! Its notArcade Suspenders a complete 80s outfit unless you are sporting this groovy suspenders.

80's Theme Party Ideas

The 80's are back and it's time to party! Thinking about what a rad time you could have throwing an 80's theme party? Stop thinking and just do it! With all of the wild and funky totally 80's decorations, accessories, and apparel items, you can throw an outrageous bash! No matter what type of wild and crazy 80s party ideas you may have, when you party with Dj-Party, well be sure to have everything you need! Transform your party space using the Black and White Checkered Backdrop and transport you and your guests back in time thirty years in just a few minutes! Use our Boom Box Stand-Up at your party and play some tunes from the era! The 80s were a fun and crazy time! Be sure to show your kids what it was like being a kid in such a different time period. Bulk discounts are available to fit every party budget! Dj-Party is sure to have all the 80's Party Supplies and Decorations that you need for your next 80's Arcade Party!

Theres something for everyone when you party with us at! Neon, Neon, Neon. You can't go wrong by decorating for any 80's party with neon decorations. The 80's had tons of bold geometric patterns used on everything from clothing to album cover art (Yes, before iTunes). Check out the bright neon party shapes in the
80's Party Shape Decals you can use to decorate your walls or entrance way to your 80's theme party. These bright, eccentric shape decals are sure to catch the eyes of your guests. Each package contains one sheet that features 19 brightly colored circles, squares and triangles.

Check out our entire 80's party decoration collection here at! We have plenty of 80s decorations right here at, so take some time to intently look at all of our options. As a general rule of thumb for this party, wear a lot of bright colors and use bright colors everywhere you can.